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Blood in the Urine (Haematuria Investigation)


When blood is visible in the urine, urological investigations are always necessary to determine its cause in case further complications develop, and to identify or exclude underlying disease.

When microscopic haematuria is detected, it is always advisable to take medical advice. Microscopic haematuria investigation can be intermittent and without any other symptoms, even when there is an underlying condition.

In some people, microscopic amounts of blood may be present in the urine in small amounts invisible without microscopic examination. Low levels of blood in the urine may be detected by a urine dipstick test. This test is often done as part of a medical examination, or to investigate urinary symptoms. icroscopic haematuria may be caused by a large number of possible, important, medical causes, but in some individuals it represents a normal though detectable leak of blood from the kidneys.

Urological investigations are recommended for microscopic haematuria who have other urological symptoms OR are over the age of 50 years. Investigation may sometimes be recommended in people under the age of 50 years without urological symptoms. When urinary infection is associated with microscopic haematuria, the need for investigation relates to the urinary tract infection as well as persistence of the microscopic haematuria.

If investigations fail to find any urological cause for microscopic haematuria, further assessment of the kidneys by a nephrologist is sometimes necessary. Future monitoring of the urine, blood pressure and blood tests with your general practitioner is always advised. Any visible blood in the urine in the future must be further investigated.

For further advice on haematuria investigation symptoms like blood in the urine, please call us on +44 (0)20 3651 6065 to book an appointment, with Mr. Mark Feneley at The London Clinic, 120 Harley Street, London, W1G 7JW
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