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You might think that trace amounts of blood in your urine are so small that they couldn’t be a sign of anything serious. While it is true that small amounts of blood may be due to nothing more than a mild infection or physical overexertion, it is vital to have any haematuria investigations that your doctor recommends.

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Causes of Trace Haematuria

Small amounts of blood in your urine can be serious because they may have originated anywhere along your urinary tract. The blood could have come from a mild infection in your urethra, but it could also be a sign of something more serious happening further inside your body. For example, you could have a serious bladder infection or a problem with your kidneys. The kidneys usually filter waste materials out of your blood in order to produce urine. If traces of blood are making their way out of your body along with the waste material, it can indicate that your kidneys are damaged or not working properly. In some cases, traces of blood in the urine can even be caused by urinary tract cancers such as bladder or kidney cancer.

Why Haematuria Investigations Are Important

The only way to know where the blood came from and why it is present is to conduct haematuria investigations such as testing your urine for an infection, scanning the kidneys, or performing a cytoscopy to examine your bladder. The results will often reveal that there are no serious problems. You might simply need a short course of antibiotics to clear an infection or you may learn that you simply have naturally “leaky” kidneys that aren’t causing any serious problems. However, it is important to have these haematuria investigations so you can be sure. If there is a serious problem such as a kidney disorder or cancer then you need treatment right away, even when the only symptom is a tiny amount of blood in your urine.