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Testosterone deficiency treatments come in several different forms. You can apply a gel to your skin, have regular injections given by your doctor, or have an implant fitted to slowly release testosterone into your body. The right option for you depends on your priorities and preferences.

Testosterone Gel Treatment

The most common form of testosterone deficiency treatment is a gel that is applied to your skin. You simply rub in the gel once a day in order to boost your testosterone levels. This treatment should raise your hormone levels back to normal, giving you relief from testosterone deficiency symptoms. Using the gel is very simple, but you will need to remember to do it every day to get the full effects. While most men respond well to this form of treatment, there are a small number who do better on another option.

Testosterone Injections

If the gel doesn’t work well for you, injectable testosterone could be a good alternative. You will only need to have an injection every six to eight weeks, so you won’t have to remember to take it every day. However, you will need to feel comfortable with needles and you’ll need to make regular appointments with your doctor.

Testosterone Implant

Implants used to be popular owing to their convenience as testosterone deficiency treatment. However, this approach has been largely superseded by skin gels and injections, with which hormone levels are better sustained, and the risks of side effects and complications are lower.