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Prostate enlargement is common, particularly in men over the age of 50. It is important to have any problems with your prostate checked out, especially if you are experiencing symptoms that make you uncomfortable. However, you should try not to worry too much until you know more.


Prostate Enlargement and Cancer

The good news is that having an enlarged prostate doesn’t make you more likely to develop prostate cancer. Benign prostate enlargement affects a different part of the gland to prostate cancer, so the two problems aren’t connected. However, similar urinary symptoms can in rare cases be caused by cancer and it is possible to be affected by both benign enlargement and cancer.

Problems Caused by Prostate Enlargement

The bad news is that prostate enlargement can still cause very uncomfortable symptoms. You might find it more difficult to urinate if your enlarged prostate is pressing against your bladder or urethra. You could also feel like you have to urinate more frequently or that your bladder isn’t emptying completely. You may notice some dribbling after you finish urinating or the occasional leak before you reach the toilet. Some men don’t experience any symptoms at all when they have an enlarged prostate, but if you do have these issues it is a good idea to seek treatment.

What to Do If You Have Prostate Problems

If you think that you have an enlarged prostate you should consult a doctor. It’s always best to get a medical opinion to put your mind at rest and ensure you get any treatment that can make your life better. The important thing is not to worry on your own or to try to ignore the issue. You don’t want to waste time worrying about something that isn’t serious, and you need to make sure that you do get treatment as soon as possible if you’re having symptoms or if there is a more serious cause.