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Bladder cancer care in the UK is currently suffering from a lack of both research funding for new treatments and awareness of the condition. The symptoms of bladder cancer are often being missed or ignored because people don’t realise that they could be signs of a serious condition. Even when people do seek help, they are often being left waiting to start treatment for bladder cancer. A new campaign to raise awareness of the condition has now been launched by Fight Bladder Cancer (UK) to address these issues, with the Kelpies statue in Falkirk being specially lit up in orange to highlight the problem in Scotland. Although greater awareness is needed across the UK, the problem is particularly severe in Scotland, where the five year survival rate is just 34%, compared to 48% for the country as a whole.


Why Early Diagnosis Matters

Getting an early diagnosis is important for all illnesses, but particularly for cancers that can take the opportunity to spread further when they are missed. The sooner that treatment for bladder cancer is started, the simpler it will be to eliminate the cancer and the higher the chances of success. Raising awareness of bladder cancer will enable more people to recognise the symptoms and to seek help as quickly as possible.

Recognising Bladder Cancer

The most common signs of bladder cancer are blood in the urine, needing to pee more often, and urinary infection symptoms that don’t go away. If you notice any of these, you should see your doctor right away so that you can get treatment for bladder cancer as soon as possible if it is needed. In most cases, the cause will actually be something simple like an infection, but if there is a chance of cancer it is essential to get help quickly.