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Should You Get a Testosterone Replacement Implant?

The most common form of testosterone replacement therapy is a gel that you must apply to your skin every day. Although the gel can be messy and a bit inconvenient to use, it is a simple and effective choice that works well for many men. However, if the gel isn’t a suitable option for you, there are other types of andropause treatment available at clinics in London. One of these is the testosterone replacement implant.

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Know More about Symptoms of Andropause

Andropause – male menopause

Andropause symptoms can develop as men get older, generally in their forties and above. The underlying medical condition is due to declining gonodal function resulting in declining androgen levels and a variety of related symptoms. As men age, their testicular function reduces, causing testosterone levels to fall significantly. As many as one fifth of men above the age of 60 years old show evidence of male hormone deficiency. Many a time, symptoms that are in fact due to the andropause will have been previously attributed to circumstance, stress, lifestyle changes, travel or even thought as normal aging process; that is, until advice is sought for this medical condition. Read More