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Blood in your Pee?

Visible blood in the urine is abnormal, and needs urgent urological investigation. This key message is simple, but extremely important. If it is ignored, serious underlying urological disease can be missed, and delay in diagnosis can have a very significant impact on treatment. Read More

“UroLift” – A New Treatment for Prostatic Enlargement without Sexual Side Effects

The Prostatic Urethral Lift Procedure involves “pinning” back the side lobes of the prostate, thereby opening the channel for passing water, without the need to remove any tissue. Often it can be done under local anaesthesia, though at this stage, it is also often done with a general anaesthetic. The “pins” are placed using a specifically approved device, called “UroLift”, and remain in the prostate after the operation. The operation has not been carried out extensively in the UK, however this may be an option for men wishing to preserve ejaculation. Read More