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Get to Know Your Bladder

The bladder is a very underappreciated organ. We’re usually only aware of it when we really need to go or if there is something wrong. If you’ve just been diagnosed with a condition such as bladder cancer then you may want to learn a little more about this hardworking organ. It will help you to understand more about what your doctor tells you and some of the terms that you may hear during your treatment.

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Is Bladder Cancer Common in Smokers?

Most people associate smoking with lung cancer, but it can cause many other health problems too, including bladder cancer. In fact, smoking is the number one cause of bladder cancer. If you smoke then you are more likely to be affected than ex-smokers or people who have never smoked at all.

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Can Bladder Cancer Go Unnoticed?

Bladder cancer can go unnoticed because it doesn’t always cause symptoms at first. Even when it does start to cause problems, it can still be missed because the symptoms are so easily confused with other, less serious conditions. Many people ignore the symptoms of bladder cancer because they seem unimportant or wrongly assume that they have a minor issue such as a urine infection. Unfortunately, this means that they aren’t getting the treatment they need as quickly as they could, which can give the cancer a chance to grow larger or even to spread to other parts of the body.

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What is Interstitial Cystitis?

Cystitis is usually a mild and easily treatable infection that will often clear up by itself in just a few days. However, in some cases the symptoms can be more persistent or can keep coming back. If you have a chronic infection then you may need some additional cystitis treatment and advice from a urologist.

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Should You Get a Testosterone Replacement Implant?

The most common form of testosterone replacement therapy is a gel that you must apply to your skin every day. Although the gel can be messy and a bit inconvenient to use, it is a simple and effective choice that works well for many men. However, if the gel isn’t a suitable option for you, there are other types of andropause treatment available at clinics in London. One of these is the testosterone replacement implant.

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