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How to Avoid Prostate Cancer Risks?

Prostate cancer in the most common type of cancer affecting men in the UK. Approximately 1 in 8 men will be affected by it at some point in their lives, but the chances are not the same for everybody. Some men are more likely to be affected by prostate cancer than others.

What Are the Early Warning Signs of a UTI?

Urinary infections are very common, but it often takes us a while to spot the signs that we have a UTI. We might not realise that we have an infection until we experience the more obvious symptoms such as burning when we pee.

Why Do Urine Infections Keep Coming Back?

Urine infections are very common. Many of us will experience a UTI at some point in our lives, along with symptoms such as burning when urinating or needing to pee more often.

Is Blood in the Urine a Sign?

Blood in the urine is a sign that should never be ignored as it can be caused by potentially serious conditions such as bladder cancer.

What Should You Tell Your Urologist?

If you’re about to see our Consultant Urologist Mr Mark Feneley for the first time, you might be wondering what to expect. It’s common to feel anxious or embarrassed about discussing urinary problems, but Mr Feneley will ensure that you feel as comfortable as possible.

Why Should Women See a Consultant Urologist?

Consultant urologists are often called on to diagnose and treat men’s health conditions such as prostate problems, but that doesn’t mean that you don’t need to see a urologist if you’re a woman. What are the most common reasons for women to visit a consultant urologist in London?

What Can Cause Difficulty in Passing Urine?

Urination is something that we don’t usually have to think about. We simply get the urge to go, get to the toilet, and let the urine flow. However, sometimes it can become harder to pass urine.

What Are The Five Warning Signs of Prostate Cancer?

Could you tell if you had prostate cancer? It’s important to be aware of these warning signs so that you can get the help you need as soon as possible. Prostate cancer is very common, especially among older men, but it can often be treated successfully when it is caught early.

Are You Clear on Bladder Cancer?

A new campaign in the UK is seeking to raise awareness of the signs of urological cancers such as bladder and kidney cancer. The Be Clear on Cancer campaign is asking people to check for blood in their urine, one of the key signs of bladder and kidney cancer.

Understanding Your Bladder Cancer Diagnosis

If you are diagnosed with bladder cancer, your doctor will explain the diagnosis and what it means in detail. You will probably hear the following terms when you discuss the diagnosis as they are very important for determining the best approach to bladder cancer treatment.

How Much Do You Know About Kidney Cancer?

Kidney cancer is one of the most common forms of cancer in the UK, but it is a condition that many people are unaware of before they are diagnosed with it. Raising awareness of kidney cancer is important because it is vital for people to be able to seek treatment as soon as possible. As with any form of cancer, the earlier that it is diagnosed, the better the chances that the treatment will be a success. You should therefore be aware of the signs that you should visit a consultant urologist in London to get tested for kidney cancer. You can also protect yourself by using the following advice to reduce your risk of kidney cancer.

Don’t Rely on Cranberry Juice for Urine Tract Infection (UTI) Treatment

If you have a urinary tract infection then there is a good chance that someone will tell you to try drinking cranberry juice. Even medical professionals sometimes hold on to this old belief about urine infection treatment, even though there is no evidence that it can help.

How to Check Yourself for Testicular Cancer?

All men should be checking themselves regularly for signs of testicular cancer. The condition affects about 2400 men in the UK every year and it can usually be treated very effectively when it is caught early.

New Blood Test Could Change the Way Prostate Cancer is Diagnosed

The PSA blood test has already helped to improve the way prostate cancer is diagnosed, but it still leaves men having to have a biopsy in order to confirm the diagnosis. Many men having a biopsy go on to get the all clear. Others find that they have a low risk form of the cancer that doesn’t require treatment.

Should You Have the PSA Test?

The PSA test is a simple blood test that can help to diagnose prostate cancer. The test isn’t offered to everyone, but it can play an important role in detecting one of the most common men’s health issues.

How is Invasive Bladder Cancer Treated?

The right treatment for bladder cancer will depend on many factors, including whether the cancer has become invasive or not. Invasive bladder cancer occurs when the tumour has spread into the muscle of the bladder.

What’s the Difference Between a Urine Infection and Cystitis?

If you’re experiencing symptoms such as pain when you pee, needing to urinate more often, or urine that looks dark and cloudy, there are two terms you may come across when you’re trying to work out what’s wrong.

Should You See a Doctor for Urine Infection Treatment?

You won’t usually need to see a doctor when you have a mild UTI as the symptoms should be mild and short-lived. However, there are some occasions when it is best to get advice on urine infection treatment.

Can Changing Your Lifestyle Help With Prostate Enlargement?

Making some simple lifestyle changes could help to relieve some of the symptoms caused by an enlarged prostate. However, it is important to speak to a doctor about your symptoms as you may need medication or other prostate enlargement treatment.

Which Tests are Used to Investigate Blood in the Urine?

If you have spotted blood in your urine, it is important to see a doctor to find out what’s wrong. The cause can often be identified with some simple tests at your GP clinic, but sometimes it is necessary to see a specialist for additional haematuria investigations.

What Causes Testosterone Levels to Drop?

The male hormone testosterone plays an important role in our health and wellbeing. The levels of testosterone in the body can be affected by many factors, which can sometimes result in a deficiency of this essential hormone.

What Causes Bladder Cancer?

Cancer happens when changes in your DNA allow some of your cells to keep growing and multiplying, creating tumours. We don’t always know what causes the changes that make cells cancerous, but in the case of bladder cancer there are certain chemicals and risk factors that may be involved.

Could You Have A Testosterone Deficiency?

Many men are unaware of the fact that their testosterone levels decline with age. The amount of testosterone you produce can actually go down by about 2% a year from the age of 30. Although this gradual decline won’t always cause problems, it is important to be aware of the signs that you might need testosterone deficiency treatment.

How Common Is Prostate Enlargement?

Prostate enlargement is very common. It mainly affects men over the age of 50. Half of all men of this age have an enlarged prostate. However, only about 40% of men over 50 have symptoms. The chances of having an enlarged prostate and experiencing symptoms goes up with age. About 75% of men in their 70s will have symptoms.

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